You might imagine that after 51 years at the forefront of contemporary Danish design, VOLA might feel like slowing down. Not so. Today, VOLA announces a new finish to its colour range – colour number 28 – matt white. Beautifully pure and unmistakably matt, it is the perfect addition to the range of 14 colours available today.

In 1968, just over five decades ago, the very first prototypes developed by Arne Jacobsen started life in just two colours, grey and orange. Soon after, all VOLA products were available in a range of ten colours, named 01-10. It was the first time colour had even been considered in bathroom design and a trend began that set the precedent for today’s array of interior aesthetics. Arne Jacobsen’s goal was totality. As an architect, he wanted to have a holistic overview of a project and nothing was to be left to chance. So he was enthused to design every detail of his buildings. Jacobsen had originally wanted to make the first tap out of concrete, from this early design concept the VOLA grey finish was born. Today’s collection of timeless finishes and bold colours are still firmly led by the geometric forms and principals of the brand’s founders. 

In timeless tradition, six of the original colours, along with their exact RAL codes are still an integral part of the 15 colours available today. This includes Jacobsen’s favourite colour – 02 Grey – an iconic design detail in any interior scheme.

Decisions to add a new colour to the carefully curated VOLA colour palette are not taken lightly. Months of meticulous testing, comparing and reviewing colour, finish and durability have resulted in this final true ‘bright white’ outcome. Inspired by the tactile forms found in nature, VOLA believes that its new finish will increase design versatility, enabling specifiers to use VOLA in different environments, easily pairing with a variety of creative themes and materials. 

VOLA take pride in their flexibility manufacturing process which allow ‘extreme personalisation’ - their colour and production approach is unparalleled. Every single product configuration, of which there are approximately 100,000 possible combinations, is available in each of the 28 finishes. When you select a product, VOLA will be able to make it for you in your chosen finish. This is not regular practice in today’s world of mass production. Better still, since VOLA have never changed any colour shade, the products deliver greater longevity, with products that were used in schemes in the 1970s still being updated and refurbished today. This commitment to sustainable, beautiful and modular design is the foundation of the VOLA approach. 



Release date: April 2019

Photography by: Alex Wilson Photography

Images available upon request



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VOLA products are internationally recognised as true design icons.  They have been imitated the world over, but have never been matched.  For five decades, expert knowledge and specialist skills have come together to create and innovate. The company places such strong emphasis on longevity that some of its earliest products are still fully operational today. VOLA is both the original modern tap designer and a multi award-winning brand that brought contemporary Danish design to the home.



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