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Filmography by Jack Flynn & Nick David for VOLA


VOLA takes great pride in environmental responsibility. By using only the purest of materials, we ensure that 100% of waste produced is recovered and recycled.

With a dearth of natural resources and a deep-rooted respect for the natural landscape, Denmark has always had a strong culture of recycling. Since its beginning in 1968, VOLA has demonstrated an unwavering responsibility to the environment.
By sourcing raw, honest materials from approved suppliers and maintaining control of every aspect of manufacturing, VOLA has a firm commitment to the environment, including high levels of recycling paired with low levels of energy use.

The efficient use of resources and processes is valued as highly as design and contributes to design purity and honesty. By creating products that last for generations, VOLA ensures that longevity is built in from the outset. Replacement parts are even available for every product ever made.

A perfect example of how this approach influences product design is the 060 round-head shower, which is made from a solid 600kg rod of brass that is sliced into 43 discs. The inside is then carved out, returned to the foundry and recycled into new rods, creating a complete life cycle of raw materials. VOLA returns 100% of all recycled waste back to its suppliers.

The role that VOLA plays with water is also significant. The water flow in all VOLA products is regulated and controlled to meet rigorous standards of efficiency.

This approach to sustainability is simply summed up by VOLA: “We throw away less and use more.”

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Dansk designarv VOLA oplevelsen Et løfte om lang levetid

Når du vælger VOLA, får du ikke kun et produkt, hvor design og kvalitet holder i generationer. Du bliver også en del af den danske designhistorie med danske designikoner produceret i den bedste danske håndværkstradition

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