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Coastal Retreat Carmine Van der Linden and Thomas Geldof

111 590H 590V


Photography by Piet-Albert Goethals


With a minimal and understated palette, Coastal Retreat has a meticulous and elegant touch, its pure design language inspired by its surroundings of nature, industry and culture.

Designed by local architect Carmine Van der Linden and Thomas Geldof, this apartment is situated on the Belgian coast. It is encircled by grassy sand dunes and calming tides which have had a subtle yet sophisticated influence on the material touchpoints. To ensure that the interiors deliver timeless and lasting design solutions, materials such as  wood, marble stone and stainless steel were chosen to make the space feel welcoming and homely, whilst providing a sense of balance and collected calmness.

Alga Marina marble has then been used to craft the kitchen countertops, featuring the 590H in stainless steel, and the surface of a central prep table supported by industrial interlocking galvanized steel poles.

The colour of the wood subtly references the seaweed that lives in the neighbouring ocean and the array of marram grasses in the surrounding dunes. The soft rhythm of green continues throughout the apartment, with stained birch wood-lined walls in the bathroom spaces. The textured green walls and the natural marble stone bathroom basins are complemented by a 111 wall mounted tap and waste trap in stainless steel, a material that threads its way throughout the apartment.

In contrast, the soft textured wall of the master bathroom is offset with an Gris Violet marble unit with two perfectly spherical basins carved out, mirroring the glass orb lighting that floats above. The unit is finished with an asymmetric pair of 590V basin mixers in stainless steel.

Panelled joinery, similar to that found in the kitchen, appears again in the master bedroom upstairs, but this time in a soft off-white finish. An external corner-facing sauna runs from the master bedroom and bathroom and is finished with an almost-black stained wood and a panel of glazing, with views across the landscape.

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